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Alumil Supreme SD95

SD95 is a Supreme system specially designed for fabricating entrance doors of high aesthetics with high quality materials. The main characteristic of the system is the heavy duty thermal-break profiles which, in combination with glass or aluminum panels, respond to the latest architectural trends thanks to the following main characteristics:

  • Maximum energy efficiency thanks to extremely low thermal insulation coefficient (Ud<1,0W/m2K)
  • Anti-distortion polyamides to accommodate the deflection of the door due to the difference between inside and out temperatures
  • Continuous central gasket for better air and water sealing along with improved thermal insulation performance
  • High level of sound reduction
  • Concealed, barrel or surface mounted hinges
  • A variety of different multi points security locks which offer enhanced security levels


Frame depth
95 mm
Sash depth
95 mm
Minimum visible width
161,4 mm
Minimum visible width (Τ-profile)
106,4 mm
Sash mechanism weight limit
180 Kg
Glass thickness
24 up to 54 mm
Cross section thickness
1,4 up to 2 mm
Type of system
Uf 1,2 W/m2K
Exterior aesthetics
Flat, Classic
Glazing method
Aluseal system
Type of thermal insulation
34 mm polyamide
Mechanism Perimetrical locking mechanism
  • Single leaf door
  • Double leaf door
  • Single leaf door with insulation panel
  • Double leaf door with insulation panel
  • Single leaf door with insulation panel and fixed light
  • Single leaf door with insulation panel, fanlight and fixed lights
  • Single leaf door with fixed light
  • Single leaf door with fanlight and fixed lights


IFT Rosenheim

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